What is Aergo?

Aergo, Terradatum’s newest product, is your key to unlocking the real estate market. The current market is filled with numbers—transactions, unit availability, and more—and all this can be hard to wade through. Aergo takes the abundance of information and organizes it into readable indicators. Agents can use Aergo to analyze market conditions by viewing market changes from month to month. Paired with Aergo's real-time mapping, agents can visually assess what the market has done and use the information to better predict where the market is headed.


How can I use Aergo? 

Aergo’s tools make it easy to analyze your market’s conditions—from a wide overview of your entire MLS to a small neighborhood of interest—with just the click of a mouse. From there, use Aergo’s custom reports and more to get an accurate picture of market changes over time.

Where does the data come from?

Aergo's market metrics are aggregated from data provided directly from your own MLS.

Who do I contact if I have issues with Aergo?

Please contact Terradatum directly for assistance: 888.212.4793 or support@terradatum.com.
You may also contact the support team to provide feedback and suggestions.

Who is Terradatum?   

Terradatum is a leading provider of innovative real estate analytics software solutions. The company’s advanced analytics and metrics enable real estate professionals to gain deep insight from their local MLS data. Click here to learn more about our services.